We are the only
creative, strategy
and media lab
founded by Latinos.
we are super. The SuperTM family, led by its founding partners Damian Kepel, Sebas Yumatle, Mariano Mataloni, GiGi Gutiérrez, Marcelo Arroniz, Rodrigo Díaz Aran, Álvaro Yermoli and Matías Lepera, is made up of over 150 talented members in 6 countries.

why super?
Fact #01 —

At SuperTM, strategyand creativity is our game—and we build on these two pillars for every single thing we do. In order to measure and reach our goals, we dig deep into and work with Big and Small Data.

Fact #02 —

Our audiovisual production branch, SuperTM Productora Audiovisual, was created to provide our clients with an immediate answer to their needs by combining the audiovisual formats of today with the innovations of tomorrow.

Fact #03 —

Also with SuperTM Media, our own performance - driven online and offline media agency, we make sure our client’s messages reach the right audience.

we do global
with local

we do
Creativity —

Pure creativity, focused but without artificial filters.
Like today’s world. Born to break barriers.
To stir deep and visceral feelings.
To change points of view.
To discover worlds.

We are versatile. We adapt ourselves to each brand’s style. Sometimes we are of the people. Sometimes we are sophisticated. We are emotional. We are fun. There is no one single way to be creative. We build bonds between people and brands through that which makes any message new, distinct and friendly: creativity.

Strategy —

Creativity without strategy is art. We love to produce content, and that’s what we do. But when it comes to addressing a brand, the response is strategy + creativity.
Together with the client, we establish the problem to be addressed, and we put together specific teams including profiles from every field. We are the tool which allows marketing departments to complete projects and achieve outstanding results which would otherwise be impossible to realize.
Our proposed campaigns are accompanied by a strategic look at the industry, discovery of opportunities, and proposals to improve anything from the territory, the product or the channels to audience creation. Even systems or UX which today are central to brands offering digital services or selling online.

Media —

Our in-house media team changes the way in which creatives think about media and boosts their effectiveness in a new manner. It is arresting that mass communication was designed to be thought of from three different angles: strategic, creative, and communicational support (media). Is whispering a secret into someone’s ear the same as sending it through WhatsApp, or via a neighbor? It isn’t, right? Then what’s the difference? The medium.
We connect brands to their audiences, we understand them deeply thanks to metrics and rational and attitudinal variables to find clusters and execute both hyper-segmented and mass-market campaigns.
We integrate every platform into a single reporting dashboard and we optimize in real time, combining econometric and statistical models to evaluate the ROI of offline media.

Data —

We analyze the digital channel; We work with cross strategies because offline media are now measurable. We utilize data both to produce insights and to track the consumer journey or generate influencer maps.
We developed SUPERCAM, a piece of software which reads the activity of security cameras at point of sale and creates action maps which relate activity at the point of sale with digital activity. Yes: we’ve closed the click-to-brick loop.

Production —

We produce in house in order to provide an agile and immediate response in all audiovisual formats—including animation, augmented reality and virtual reality.
We produce events and guerilla or point-of-sale activations.
We have an innovative production fee which allows us to integrate audiovisual content in real time without wasting half of our time butting heads over administrative themes.

Product Innovation —

Sometimes, the solution to a problem isn’t restricted to communication but has to do with the definition of that very product. We connect physical and digital products with their consumers, creating memorable, organic experiences throughout the buying process.
Innovation which brings responses when the product has neither grip nor reach in the audience, or is unable to produce the magic of sustained proximity between the brand and its users.

Woman Division —

Undiluted female talent to help brands find their way into women’s hearts.
Men and women are different and in the Super Woman Division we know the female universe and put our creativity to work with a specific team for each product; a far cry from the traditional creative pair setup.
We create strategies for every communication channel, boosting the marketing team. We research and test the target in new and innovative ways. We talk the way a friend does.
Marketing for women, by women, led by Andy Clar, with interdisciplinary teams of 50 independent super women in each country for specific projects.