Bud Rockolla




What was happening

Budweiser was losing sales in Argentine bars to its competitors.

Other beer brands had been associated with the night from different angles, but Bud had no territory of its own in the bars.

We needed to intertwine with the youth culture.

What we did

We turned the corcholatas into music.

If there's one thing you can't miss in bars, it's music. That's why we realized that the best way to increase Bud sales was to turn each bottle into a song to enjoy with friends.

We developed a rockolla that only accepted Budweiser corcholatas as coins and we installed it in the main Argentinean bars. This way, every person who bought a Budweiser could set the night to their own and their friends' tastes.

What we achieved:

We increased
Bud consumption in bars
in bars by 20%.

We take over the sound of the bars with beer corks

and we managed to bring real enjoyment to the night of thousands of people.

Play video about bud case