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What was happening

Mercado Libre needed an impactful way to communicate to everyone its fast shipping service, a shipping option that guarantees that your package arrives in 24 hours.
But I didn't want to do it with the typical pieces that go unnoticed in the age of instantaneousness, I needed something that would catch everyone's attention and have permanence.
We needed something really spectacular.

What we did

We made the emotion of receiving a package physical.
We decided to show people how fantastic it could be to receive a package.
At strategic points in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, we turned OOH spaces into spectacular billboards that imitated boxes of packages that had just been delivered, opened, waiting to be enjoyed.

What we achieved:

+300MM impacts
at regional level

We convert Via Publica into packages,

but the best part is that we turn people into customers.

Play video about ml case boxes